How to fix your device

It’s quite a frustration when you have a task to do, and your computer or device won’t work. There are so many ways it could be broken, but never fear. It turns out that to fix your device is usually not too time consuming or expensive.

An Unhappy Computer

Let’s get it fixed.

First of all with almost anything electronic, the very first thing is to see if you can get it working again by a proper reset. This often works because almost everything has a computer of some sort in it these days. Computers run programs which are susceptible to ‘bugs’. A ‘bug’ is what we call it when a program does something unexpected. Sometimes we find these glitches because there was something we or the program did on our device which had not been tested by the programmer. The way to get the computer out of the glitch is to make it forget what it was doing. The best way to do this is a power cycle.

  1. Save any work done if you can.
  2. Tell the computer / device to turn off in the normal way. Press the power button, or on a tablet/phone press and hold the power button.
  3. Follow any on screen prompts to tell the device to turn off.
  4. After the device is off, wait about 10 seconds then turn it back on again.
  5. Test if your device is still exhibiting the fault.

That didn’t work?

Some devices resist power cycles, for example many devices will only go to ‘sleep’ by default. This is done to make them faster to use under normal circumstances. When power cycling it is important that the device actually switches all the way off. If your device is resisting fully turning off, try holding the power button for 10secs continuously to force a hard shut down. Failing that, if it is wall powered and non responsive, you may need to switch it off at the wall. If battery powered, you can try taking the battery out. Or if that is not possible you will have to wait until the battery drains completely. To the point of switching off. Then recharge and try again.

If a full power cycle didn’t work and you still need help, we offer multiple forms of computer repair service.

You come to us.

We offer a speedy repair service from our location in Yarra Glen. Make a booking for the computer repair to be accepted and drop the offending device around to us for repair. We will fix your device as quickly as possible and let you know when completed and ready for pick-up. We can also pick up the computer from your place if you would prefer.

Having the device at our location helps to reduce the costs associated with repair. Depending on the actual problem with the device, some processes required for the computer to run take significant time to complete, but do not require interaction with the technician. In these cases, if there is reasonable opportunity to perform other tasks whilst the computer is working, then this time is not charged.

Remote repair of your computer.

Depending on the exact problem, your computer may be able to be remotely repaired. To remotely repair, the first step of the process is a phone call. We talk through the problem to work out the best solution. For simple problems, it may be possible to guide you through the issue and required steps. This way you learn and are potentially able to fix it yourself next time. If you do not feel confident with that aid or simply would prefer it all done for you, it is possible to obtain and run our remote access program on your computer. This program allows us, as your trusted computer help service, to take control of your computer from our location. Thus allowing us to complete the computer repairs without having to be physically present in front of the computer.

Because this method of help can sometimes allow other tasks to be performed whilst waiting for the computer to complete commands, it can be somewhat cheaper than us coming to you to repair your computer.

While we are located in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, remote repairs can be performed by us anywhere. All that you need is to have a sufficiently fast internet connection. This technology has allowed us to perform interstate computer repairs for happy customers in the past.

We come to you.

We can come to you to repair your computer or fix your device. To make a booking, see the contact page on this site. We can discuss the issue and create a convenient time for us to drop in and perform the repair service for you.

We are happy to work with you to understand the problem if you wish, so that you can avoid it in the future. Otherwise, we can just work away and fix the issue for your returning your device in good working order. For some issues, it may not be cost effective to repair in home, in these situations we will discuss with you how you wish to proceed.

Don’t put up with it any longer.

We can fix your device and get your technology working for instead of against you. Just imagine if your computer wasn’t holding you back. That feels better doesn’t it.